I am an applied mathematician working in neurosciences. I am part of Gustavo Deco's group of computational neuroscience at UPF where I study and develop biomarkers for patients with disorders of consciouness (DoC). I am combining full brain models and machine learning techniques to propose novel markers aiming to capture the heterogeneity of the DoC patients, in order to help diagnosis/prognosis and to investigate therapeutic approaches.
During my PhD, I focused on the study of bursting dynamics driven by short-term synaptic plasticity in neuronal networks. I developed and analyzed mathematical models in the form of nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems. I studied the influence of astrocytes on neuronal activation patterns as well as the emergence of oscillatory rhythms in the brain (as observed in EEG during general anesthesia).

I have expertise in data and image processing, mathematical modeling, stochastic calculus, asymptotic analysis, numerical simulations and machine learning.

Selected publications

L. Zonca & D. Holcman, Emergence and fragmentation of the alpha-band driven by neuronal network dynamics, PLoS Computational Biology 17(12): e1009639 (2021)
article  preprint

L. Zonca & D. Holcman, Escape from an attractor generated by recurrent exit, Physical Review Research, 3, 023115 (2021)

L. Zonca & D. Holcman, Exit versus escape for stochastic dynamical systems and application to the computation of the bursting time duration in neuronal networks, Journal of Nonlinear Science 32, 33 (2022)
preprint article

L. Zonca & D. Holcman, Modeling bursting in neuronal networks using facilitation-depression and afterhyperpolarization, Communications in nonlinear science and numerical simulations, 94, 105555 (2021)
article  preprint

E. Dossi*, L. Zonca*, H. Pivonkova, O. Chever, D. Holcman & N. Rouach, Astroglial gap junctions strengthen hippocampal network activity by sustaining afterhyperpolarization via KCNQ channels, under review in Cell reports. * contributed equally

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All my projects codes are available on zenodo and all codes from projects of the Applied Maths & Computational Biology Group are here.


email: lou.zonca@upf.edu

Group of Computational Neuroscience
Center For Brain And Cognition - Pompeu Fabra University Campus de la Ciutadella
Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 25, 27, 08005 Barcelona

Mastodon: @LouZonca@fediscience.org